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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 4, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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l caught on camera. follow-up on this violent crash. tonight at 9:00 what happened to the woman behind the wheel of a stolen car. >> plus bay area prosecutors announce going after multi-national oil company for failing to protect local environment. >> 49ers return home to the bay area after falling just a little bit short of making bi biggest come back in super bowl history. >> hear from drivers who didn't get a fair warning from the get a fair warning from the cars woul8ñ#
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>> [ screaming]. >> it's not the homecoming they wanted but the 49ers are reminded just how much they are appreciated. >> lucky fans even got handshake from coach jim harbaugh leaving 49ers headquarters late today. after returning from new orleans. good evening. 9 remembers back in the bay area after that tough loss. they arrived at 3:30 this afternoon to san jose airport. fans greeted arrival then gather again at 9ers head quarter news, weather and sports santa clara. despite the loss fans happy to cheer on returning players. >> i saw a bunch of players multiple players and i just waved and showed them that they 1 if my book. no matter what.
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so proud of them. >> do you think they heard the them. >> absolutely. they heard me. anybody that knows me. >> no matter what we love them and we had great year. >> carrying a heavy heart but seeing them come in our boys coming home and the welcome that they received it takes the sting off the loss a little bi bit. >> really sad really sad it hurts it hurts but we are loo looking forward to next season already. >> i had a support i'm a die hard niner fan. yes we lost but it was so close. >> boy it sure was wasthe fans r from the team in the next few days when the players address the media for the final time this season. >> we are glad to say that calm prevailed on the streets of san francisco after the superbowl last night. disappointing last certainly had a great deal to do with that but police were ready and are being praised for tonight. with one notable exception. vick lee explains
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why some fans are upset. >> possession is 9/10s so we just figured if we were in the street first we could set the tone. >>reporter: last nature it was nothing like this in the mission district. nothing like the mayhem that happened after the giants won the world series in october. here's what the mission looked like yesterday from sky 7. there were of course a lot of upset fans but only some 2 dozen arrests of drunken revellers. one person tried to set a tree on fire but no series of smashed window or bonfires. there are at least 100 extra officers most of them deployed on the streets in the games fourth quarter. >> even before that of swrers checking in with the local bars and establishments making sure management was okay checking on the crowd size and any issues with anybody being overly intoxicated. >> city crew had cleared street debris and garbage bin hidden to prevent rowdy from setting them on fire like they did after the world series. tow
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away signs also posted on streets in north beach and in the mission. but there was a a costly faux pas. city law requires that tow away signs be posted 24 hours before cars can be towed. so that drivers can have adequate warning. signs were posted 0too late on a stretch of 24th street and also on 3 blocks of mission street. but cars were towed and brought here to the impound lot. these vacationers from belgium are among those who have to pay the expensive fee to get their car back. >> do you know how much it cos cost. >> yes. i think 500 dollar for car and we have 2 cars. so 1,000. >>reporter: but the city says it will reimburse those towed illegally. riccardo whose car was towed doesn't believe it. reimburse what you do you thin think. >> i don't know good luck trying to get that from them. >>reporter: mta the man pal transportation agency is setting up the procedures to reimburse those drivers including that one that you
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just heard. vick lee abc 7 news. >> state attorney general harris is going after arco and the parent company bp. in a lawsuit filed today the state attorney general and 7 counties are accusing the oil company of violating regulations designed to protect the environment. story tonight from 7 news reporter mark matthews. >>reporter: arco station at park and encino in alameda one of 4 stations deemed to be among the worst violators in alameda county. >> most important regulations is to require certain sensors be inside certain areas of the upped ground storage compartment to make sure there is a fuel leak it's detected. >>reporter: underground storage tank at this station had sensors but instead of placed next to the ground they were app inch above the ground. so the sensors would not go off unless the leak was severe. >> bp was in instructing their service stations here at alameda county that they could be raised up to an inch so that would allow for a leak that
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wouldn't be detect theed for quite some time. >>reporter: deputy da says that sensor violation was the most egregious. most of the other violations named in the suit have to do with maintaining equipment, proper monitoring and training in a statement to 7 news bp says the bulk of the allegation were his procedural violations concerning documentation and that a small number of the alleged violations relate to the monitoring of tank none of the alleged violations posed any harm to human health or the environment says bp. bp suggest the attorney general is going after the company simply for money. a.g. did settle similar case against chevron for 24 million dollars. but there is another factor at play here. arco is selling off the gas stations. this one sold about year and a half ago and unloading more of them. deputy da says there's an economic reason. it's the liability forever environmental problems like leaking underground
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storage tank. in alameda, abc 7 news. historic drake bay oyster farm has to close while it fights a decision that would shut it down permanently. today a federal judge denied a request by the farm at the point reyes national sea shore to allow to it continue operating until the lawsuit is heard. farm is fighting to stay open after u.s. interior secretary salazar allow loved the there's expire so the area could be returned to wildernes wilderness. the district judge today said she doesn't believe she has the authority to over turn salazar. there is a march 15 eviction date. >> san jose police asking for tips to help track down this man. he's wanted for home invasion robbery last friday. man forced his way inside a home where a woman and her 74-year-old mother were at the time. this man and second suspect are accused of chasing both women down the street and repeetdly attacking older woman. she was injured but we are glad to tell you will
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recover. >> suspected car thief caused a fatal accident in oakland today in dramatic crash caught on camera. oakland police say woman stole an suv which had the keys in it and the engine running. she didn't get very far traveling 2 block before crashing at 36 avenue and foothill boulevard with disaster results. more now from abc 7 news reporter nick smith. >> we have the video police say a tool for their investigation in a crash that killed one woman and injured another. >> i heard when the accident took place and i walk out and look i see what you see. >>reporter: take a look at the top right corner of the screen. convenience store surveillance camera caught the exact moment a jeep broadside this honda flips on to the roof and kills the driver inside. when we play it again you can see a lone pedestrians standing on the south east corner of foothill boulevard and 36 avenue completely unaware of what is coming next and barely escapes getting crushed. driver of the honda wasn't as
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fortunate. >> i was in shock. i thought she was dead because he said somebody died. >>reporter: elizabeth relieved to find out that her sister monique the driver of the honda wasn't seriously injured in the crash. >> she's not in a trauma area they put her in her room and she said her arm hurts. that's it. >>reporter: as easy to see why she may in pain. her sister was driving norton foothill boulevard preparing to make a right turn on 36 avenue when she was hit. impact so strong it totalled the car and forced closure of the intersection for almost 4 hours. police say they believe that speed was a factor in the crash. one man who was interviewed by police said he's the owens of the jeep it had been stolen only minutes before. police would only say that this is still an active investigation. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> still ahead tonight on 7 news at 9:00. another laser attack aimed at sky 7 hd. helicopter. you see why this one could have been so much worse than the one that
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happened two weeks ago. >> mae middle school got easie easier. no more sitting in math class trying to find x. some say they are not happy bit. >> spencer here with the weather. >> i'm here in the accu-weather forecast center. week ahead that is cloudy cool chance of rain. when it may happen in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and what the future holding for candlestick park. once the 49ers make the big
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with embassy suites. book early and save up to 20%. >> new change in education in california means that california is getting rid of a 15 year policy that requires eighth grade investigators tak takeal gentlemen great 1. annette reports that critic think this change is a step backwards. >> state board of education decided california eighth graders will no longer be required to take algebra 1. instead california adopted what is called common core curriculum. policy most states have moved to. students can still take algebra 1 if the districts offer it or course was elements of algebra. more opportunity for more advanced math in high school. >> this doesn't do anything to
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limit possibility. students can take algebra in the eighth grade same as always been able to but doesn't necessarily require them to. >> critic say schools that are struggling will choose not to offer algebra leaving low income students ill prepared for college. with 1 cird the permanent of african american enrolled went from 24 percent to 60 percent in the last nine years. for latino that triple to 63 percent. >> hard to ignore how important the algebra 1 is. student success in the class is the single best predictor of college graduation. why not start early. >> lately a big push for stem education. silicon valley needs workers skilled in those field. >> shouldn't be dumbing down our education standard. >>reporter: state senate minority leader says dleeingt it will be a step backward. >> we have been left behind in the world of education standards we will lose our
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place unless we keep a rigorous regime for california this is definitely going in the wrong direction. >> supporters of changing the requirements insist this doesn't mean less rigor. always a good thing to have more uniform ty and more consistency in student expectations n.sacramento, abc 7 news. animal rescue group asking for help tonight after someone stole a puppy from an adoption fair. 12 week old pit bull mix was taken from the rocket dog rescue event at stones town galleria. she has a heart shape marking on the right sid side. the group rescue group says young couple in black toyota took off the dog yesterday afternoon. group offering 500 dollar reward for the puppy safe return. attention in san francisco shifting now to the superbowl is over to the america's cup yacht race this morning the oracle racing team put the 72 foot cat rahman back in the water. it's first time the 8
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million dollar boat has been back on the bay since it flipped over and broke apart during training last october. there's the results from october. oracle crew didn't just make repair. they tweak to it fine-tune the steering. but the loss of sailing time was still a big blow to the training. >> l allowed to sail the boat 30 days up until the first of february and we only sailed the boat 8 day so we only have a third of the sailing time. >>reporter: now some catch up training to do the crew will begin testing the modified catamaran this week. also building a back up boat. america cup race under way in san francisco bay this summer. feels lining sailing weather out there now. so beautiful around here although spencer is here guess it's changing a little bit. >> it changing. more than just a little bit as the week goes on. changing a little bit already. here's a view from the high definition east bay camera emeryville. skies partly cloudy and they may actually turn mostly cloudy
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overnight with chance of some fog in some spots. look at live doppler 7 hd and see thin layer of high clouds covering parts of the bay area but it's also partly clear around the bay area right now. temperature readings in the 40's althoughland is holding on at 50 degrees. the mild mildest reading at the moment. forecast feature. see clouds and fog overnight. cooler days lie ahead for the remainder of this week and see showers probably on thursday. they could even linger that early friday. satellite radar composite image show ridge of high pressure still holding on but there are 2 approaching cold front high pressure holding on for dear life clouds moving in and that means this next frontal system is on its way. that will manufacture through tomorrow and tomorrow night but fall apart bringing us no rainfall. second front however brings us greater chance of showers on thursday and again possibly lingering into friday. start the forecast animation 5:00 o'clock thursday morning at which point already some wet spots morning commute and front swing through
9:19 pm
the showers mainly will fall ahead of the frontal system. few mid late afternoon on thursday the showers will be pretty much over in the front clears out of here. however we could have a trailing shower or 2 lasting into friday morning. over tonight tonight no showers but increasing cloud cover. pockets of fog. low temperature on the chilly side in the interior valley of the north bay and east baylow drop into the upper 30's. see mainly low mid 40's over the remainder of the bay area. tomorrow after foggy cloudy morning start afternoon will be partly sunny in the south bay see high pressure mainly upper 50's. 50 at santa clara and san jose. peninsula look for high 56, san mateo 58 at palo alto. coast 52 at pacifica. 54 at half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 55 degrees tomorrow. 53 in the sun set district. north bay high mainly upper 50's but we will see 60 degrees at santa rose. 59 calistoga. east bay 56 at berkeley. 57 in hayward. 58
9:20 pm
at fremont. inland east bay high also in the upper 50's. 58 at pittsburgh. concord and danville and near monterey bay see high again upper 50's to 60 at salinas. 7 day forecast. notice it gets cooler and cloudy year weeks goes on. showers lightly thursday licensing nearing friday morning. midday friday we should see at least partial clearing but friday very chilly with high temperature in the low to mid 50's across the entire area. but over the weekend we see a little bit of sunny weather and high pressure climb back up to 60 degrees by sunday and monday. >> very mild pattern. >> very dry one too. >> thanks very much. >> what may the ultimate in recycling coming up here. house of booze. >> plus if back in a moment
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stay with us. 7 news at 9 stay with us. 7 news at 9 well, well, well.
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>> whether financers make it back to the superbowl next year let's hope they do. one thing certain it's the last season at candlestick park. the 60,000 seat stadium has hosted nfl championship games world series games and even the beatless last concert. the corporation happened licensing the hunter point shipyard development making plans to demolish the stick and may happen after the final home game next year. >> nobody wants an old vacant stadium. not good for anyone and if they are ready to repurpose the site to something positive like an open space that's a good thing for the
9:25 pm
city. >> they will commemorate at the site and may sell stadium seats to fans. they have 69,000 seats or so to sell. 49ers play at the new stadium in santa clare for the 2014 season. >> lack at this. looks like made of stone but this building is actually made up of 500,000 beer bottles discard trd casino on the las vegas strip. it's the royal pavilion in henderso henderson. they tv crushed recycle glass with fly ash from cole plant this is the result. green stone is a concrete substitute that acts as you see like stone. oks pretty good. long lost remains of england king richard the third have been found. researchers say it is beyond reason doubt that a battle scar skeleton on earth last year upped parking lot in the city of lesser is in fact the king. he died at the
9:26 pm
bottle field in 1485. scientist say dna from the skeleton matches a sample taken from a distant living regula regulartive and other factors which lead them to this conclusion. >> skeleton has a number of unusual features. slender build. vl battle related trauma. all of these are highly consistent with the information we have about richard the third in life and about the circumstances of his death. >>reporter: richard the third was the last to die in battle. not kind to richard accusing him of crime including 2 of the nephew in the tower of london. play by shakespeare critical as you may remember from school. the image of him are unfair others say. >> russia president has solution to the country declining birth rate. sweet sound of the group boys to men. ♪ [ singing].
9:27 pm
>> american r&b band from the 90's scheduled to perform in moscow on wednesday. reports say he hopes the group will give russian men inspiration before valentine's day. russia population fallen by 4 percent and putin trying to increase the birth rate for many years even suggest that go women be paid up to continue,000 dollars to have a second child. >> moving on. there is a mom hugging her little boy tightly tonight. prayers answered as week long hostage stand off dramatic end in alabama. that story next. >> plus later attack on helicopters and planes. why police say this crime targeting sky 7 hd our helicopter no joke with serious consequences. >> also who turned out the lights? narrowing down the possibilit possibilities for what caused the blackout at the superbowl.
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>> why the personal information is fair game for on line
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>> tonight. national drama in alabama over. 5-year-old boy is free. rescued after 7 days held hostage in underground bunker. captor is dead. authorities carefully plotted every single word every word to make sure the boy was safe. here's of marsie. >>reporter: the tense 7 day long stand off in midland city, alabama now over. 5-year-old boy taken hostage nearly a week ago now safe. >> i have visited with ethan. he is doing fine. he's laughing. joking. playing.
9:32 pm
eating. things that you would expect a normal 5 to 6-year-old young man to do. >>reporter: fbi agents stormed the underground bunker where the little by known only as ethan was being held. law enforcement source tells abc news authorities able to put a high tech camera into the bunker. to monitor the boy and his captor 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes. >> he was observed holding a gun. at this point fbi agents fearing the child was in imminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. >>reporter: but dyke is now dead. source tells us authorities used explosive to get into the pwluvrnger. earshot of the reporter covering the standoff since the beginning. >> just after 3:00 o'clock our team here in midland city actually heard a loud explosion or the sound of a loud weapon. but the question remains why
9:33 pm
did dyke board a school bus last tuesday killed the driver kidnap ethan and bring him below ground. police still said nothing about the motive and explain dyke made few demand. now the little boy who has a mild form of autism and adhd will get to good home to celebrate his sixth birthday on wednesday. the community has been collecting birthday cards for ethan so confident would you make it out in time for the big day. this is abc news new york. >> california supreme court today sided with apple and other on line retailers who require to you provide your address and phone number when you yaw credit card. state law prohibits traditional stores from demand that go information but the california high court says it's okay for on line retailers because they captain ask for photo i.d. when you make a credit card purchase. >> bad news for amy good news for microsoft. new survey finds that 200 million it workers didn't want the i-pad. they want a window tablet.
9:34 pm
microsoftht has heavily advertised its surface pro. according to research tech researching firm is based in san francisco the numbers indicate a huge pent-up demand for the surface pro that shows newspaper some stores this weekend. battle with apple will only increase. top apple starts to ship the 128 gig byte version of the i-pad. >> we are buying less gasoline but paying more for it. u.s. energy department today said we spend an average of 2900 dollars a year on gasoline. that's 4 percent of our income. highest personal in 30 years. price have xwn up 23 cents in california in the past two months. if one trading -- trading day dow passed 1,000 the blue chip index fell to
9:35 pm
drop to 13 8 80. and analyst blame a weakness in tech stocks. shares down in asia in tuesday trading. justice department planning to sue standard and poor for the rating of risky mortgage bonds before the financial crisis in 2008. this would be the first federal action against a credit rating firm in connection with the melt down. high grade, firm gave to sub prime mortgage bonds precipitated the craze several years ago. >> well in the hubbub after the superbowl last night we captured a crime on camera that someone may have thought was a joke. but as jonathan bloom explains not a joke. real danger to pilots that could land you in jail. >> flying over san francisco mission district after the superbowl sky 7 hd saw this. green laser lighting up the night sky pointed straight at the cockpit. apparent culprit 2 men one wearing a kaepernick
9:36 pm
jersey and. >> he was spotting and laughing with his friends spotting at us again. we called chp out and witness it as well. >>reporter: second time in two week sky 7 hb pilot was flying over oakland when somebody point add red laser at the cockpit on january 21. >> the guy was standing on his front porch. his face really obvious and kept doing it over and over again able to see him and direct the police to pick him up. >>reporter: officers arrested the men with the laterer still in his pocket and he may have been using it to try to shoe the helicopter away. he could face jail time and 11,000 dollar fine. >> might think it's funny and fun but it's extreme i dangerous. >>reporter: doesn't take a big expensive lace tore cause havoc in the sky. this laser can be blinding when pointed directly at the cockpit. this is what it can lack like. spokesman told us by phone it led to missed landing approach. pilots giving up control to co-pilot and sometimes worse.
9:37 pm
>> also case where is pilots have reported ongoing vision problems following a laser strike. >> faa asks pilots to tl report all laser problems. >> it only take as minute or 2 for police crew to show up at the door step. >> there is a drop in the number of laser strike but the bay area saw 100 last year many pilots can only make plea for common sense. >> in endangering other people life and people on the ground please don't do it in. san francisco, abc 7 news. >> couple next. we take a lack at the most tweeted moments of superbowl xlvii. and ad bowl commercial that scored high with viewers. which ones lost. >> why this kick off return ended up scoring
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a. >> being called the blackout bowl. tonight the local power company in new orleans believe some kind of abnormality happened where outside electrical lines delivered power to the superbowl causing a 34 minute outage. nfl commissioner roger insist the league had a back up system and there is no indication at all that this was caused by the half time show which was run entirely on generator. in fact newly released document show state officials had concerns months ago about power outage as possibility of the soup dom dome. study showed the test on power lines indicated tee indicate and a chance of failure. certainly was a failure yesterday. >> 50 new ads ran during the superbowl. nearly 4 million dollars a pop keep in mind. we look at which ones scored and which ones didn't. >> they may have cost
9:42 pm
advertisers millions. ♪ but the biggest winner in this year superbowl of commercial were a pair of low budget ad made and chosen by dorito fans. including this chip chewing goat. and these manly men playing dress up in other words to ciao down. >> is that my wedding dress. >> could be. >> taco bell ran for the border with hard partying retire. >> and budweiser poured on the tears with the heart warming reunion between a horse and the trainer. ♪ land slide. >>reporter: while calvin had a brief but extremely popular appearance showing off some ab
9:43 pm
in the first bowl ad, other attempt at over selling sex appeared to fall short. bar rafael uncomfortable go daddy lip lock seemed so wrong. still it may have been the 34 minute stadium power outage that generated the best advertising score of the game. with oreo tweet thanksgiving reminder that you can still dunk in the dark. tide suggesting can't get the blackout but it can get stains out. audi offering the led lights to the stadium. >> social media and technology play bigger bigger part every year in how america reacted to the superbowl as they watch in living rooms across the countr country. tivo said early this morning that this ad from taco bell was the motor paused and rewound commercial on superbowl subpoenaed. commercial featured the after dark antic as you heard a moment ago of hard partying seniors from retirement home. this gives advertise ears snap shot of how the ideas registered from
9:44 pm
viewers. >> our dvr capability measure second by second viewing so we can tell if a viewer pause fast forward remind and can see the frequency at doing. that that's what we measure to rate our commercial as frequency that people pause the commercial or rewind the commercial again. >> the game know. odds are you saw this kick return by jones. happened at the start of the second half. unbelievable play. well it turns out that furniture company promised free goods if that exact play happened. they are now giving away 600,000 dollars worth of free furniture. you can bet they didn't expect to have to do that. >> coming up next. saving lives in the sierra. remarkable effort to help injured animal at the lake tahoe wild life center. tthere's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
9:45 pm
barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s my job to look after it. ♪
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>> lake tahoe wild life center one of the busiest years ever. animals in need arriving non-stop for week. people who run the center are doing the very best to keep up. they have some great success stories to tell too. but as you will see in tonight assignment 7 report the center needs a new home. >>reporter: it's a picture perfect day at lake tahoe not everyone healthy enough to enjoy it. some local are sick or injured. or orphaned. >> we are given every single one of these birds and animals a second chance at life. >> this is lake tahoe wild life care run by cheryl and tom mill ham this sick bobcat arrived. not sure yet what is wrong with it. >> we have given her some fluid and some vitamins. >>reporter: in the next room a great horn oil owl. >> recovering from a broken wing. >>reporter: he had surgery 10 days ago now the challenge toning keep him calm and discourage him from flapping
9:49 pm
his wing while it mends. wild life center its actually part of the mill ham home. garage is packed with food for the animals. back yard filled with cabins. built for wide range of creature from river otter to bald eagle. >> see the right wing kind of dragging a little bit lower than the left that's why we have him. >>reporter: vet believes the wing is just bruised so all he need is a few weeks to heal in a safe place. wild life center has a record number of orphan bear cub this seasonp. and this day there are 10 here. all healthy and released into a safe place as soon as big enough. >> every single bird animal that comes in here has one goal. that's to be released back into the wild. >>reporter: volunteer shot the used yo of baby bobcat brought in last summer one of thousands office animals the mill ham cared for over the last 35 years. at first they learned from experienced wild life rehaber now they teachers to do
9:50 pm
it. >> not only do you you have to feed them properly, build them up you have to know where is the best place to the release them. >>reporter: mill ham get help from volunteers but still cost about 120,000 dollars a year to do all of this. paid for with private donations. when they first moved to this spot there was hardly anyone here. now neighborhood has grown up around non-profit organization is trying to raise enough money to the move to a larger sanctuary where they can help more wild animal and educate the public. >> we feel incredibly important for not just for our local but tourist when they come in. to get the education be able to see the animal. >>reporter: that would mean more happy endings for animal like this fall kochbility after kim of months of rest the wing healed and he's about to be released. >> i'm just getting him tired to come down. >>reporter: finally tom is able to gently grab the bird. >> he looks fantastic. he's flying very well. >>reporter: few minutes later
9:51 pm
the falcon is in a cardboard box ready for the big moment. >> here we go. the that's a great release. we have released 14,000 animals back into the wild. this one was really special. he just did exactly what we were hoping that he would did and that's fly and keep flying that's what they love to do. >> if i had wings would i fly too. >> we all would. as you can imagine constant fundraising required to feed and care for all the animals and to build the new home. if you can help we have a link at our web site click on see it on tv. >> changes afoot. experience is back. and tan. >> and a sky. >> you can see clouds thin high cloud moving through the bay area right now. expect increase in clouds overnight. tomorrow state wide southern california nice and sunny mild even up into the central coast
9:52 pm
area. won't be so bad but way up north all wet and rainy and showering around eureka a.bay area we expect thicker cloud and pockets of fog overnight giving way at least partly sunny by tomorrow afternoon. but it will be cool tomorrow with high pressure only in the 50's across the bay area tomorrow. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. even cooler by midweek cloud thicken. rain comes, showers come on thursday. lingering showers on friday morning and friday is quite chilly day with high pressure only in the low to mid 50's but will warm-up some over the weekend. >> okay that will be nice. >> thanks very much. >> watch this looking at high school basketball player in new york with a miracle shot. tumble to the court. made the winning shot. look at this. >> wow! >> video has of course gone viral hitting no. 1 spot on espn sports about center. that's kichlt top that if rick. >> stole my thunder. how can i
9:53 pm
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>> come up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. what happens to meat before it land on your dinner table. food at advocate worried should be worried as well. investigation for any one who enjoys red meat later. >> ray lewis and his famous squirrel dance. there it is. and the san francisco police chief is wishing that he had not made that. those stories and more on 7 news at 11:00. better start practicing. rick is in for larry who is traveling back from new orleans. >> yes a little superbowl hang over probably after that week. forty-niner fans still wondering what if. especially that last series where they had first and goal from the 7. frank gore ran the ball 33 yards to set up san francisco
9:57 pm
so he was getting a breather on first down. with gore out went to michael james who picked up 2 yards down at the 5. second down. not much creativity here ascap nick rolls to the right tries to force to it crabtree. incomplete. where was the option? third down kaepernick going to run play looked promising but because play clock ran down harbaugh called a time out. with the element of surprise gone the niners back to the pass. kaepernick throws short to crabtree again incomplete. so came down to this fourth down from the fitch. ravens blitz. gore can't pick it up. kaepernick fade to crap tree no good. but was there holding on the play? contact is allowed within 5 yards but smith was grabbing crabtree jersey well beyond. that referee felt too close to call to throw a flag but not jim harbaugh. >> yes no question in my mind that there was a pass interference and then a hold on
9:58 pm
crabtree on the last one. >> one-on-one make that play. he got his hands on me but i play.the referee said he made >> in all just 7 penalty in the contest. 5 went against san francisco. officials let the players play even when blatant fouls. following the skirmish watch the left side of the screen. williams shoves an official normally a player is ejected for that but he didn't get penaltyize. then there was that 108 yard kick off return by jones. niners miller was in the area to make the stop but gets absolutely mugged by a pair of ravens. that should have been a penalty. and then there was the intentionally safety late in the contest. ravens tackle the niners but even a flag was thrown the penalty is a safety so baltimore really had nothing to
9:59 pm
lose by using the tactic. they ran 8 precious seconds off the clocken shawring san francisco had no chance to win. >> the superbowl xlvii was a nail biter for thousands of fans it was especially tough for jack and jackie harbaugh the parents of the 2 coaches. proud of both of their sons they said they wanted the game to end in a tie. of course it can't. after it was over jack shared his emotion. >> it's difficult football game i have ever been involved in. proud of both of them. john standing on the podium ultimate prize and victim fight like he always fought his entire life and compete to make ate football game tremendously proud of him as well. >> after 6 straight home games the shark in the anaheim. no love lost between these 2 teams as they get acquainted. san jose scored first. andrew with the shot. puts in the rebound. sixth goal of the season. but early in the third


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